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ATV / UTV Safari

One of the privileges that EKOTERRA offers to its action-loving nature-lover guests is ATV/UTV Safari.


Our tours, which can be attended by adults over the age of 16 with a driver's license or accompanied by an adult, take 60 minutes.


The necessary information and training to use ATV/UTV vehicles is given by our certified expert team.


Better than doing yoga is doing yoga in nature!

How would you like to experience the spiritual calmness and bodily vitality provided by yoga in the unique nature of the Kaz Mountains forests, with the expert teachers of Ekoterra?

Feel the difference of being in harmony not only with your own body but also with nature in Ekoterra. 



By learning correct breathing techniques in Ekoterra; You can participate in breathing sessions that will allow you to calm the mind, control negative emotions, strengthen memory and overcome many problems from skin problems to sleep problems.


Breathing sessions held in our private indoor area are organized by our expert trainers. 


Children are the most valuable guests of Ekoterra. We organize many different activities and workshops every weekend under the guidance of our professional trainers in our special event area, which we designed for our guests aged 4-12 to have a pleasant and productive Ekoterra experience.

Making decorative objects with horseshoes, painting ceramics, creating compositions with leaves, cookies & Cup cake making, flower planting and stone painting workshops are just some of these enjoyable activities.

While you enjoy nature, let your children socialize with their peers and develop their creativity and hand skills at Ekoterra Children's Workshops. For detailed information and reservation, please contact us at 0 533 123 18 98 .

Painting Class
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